Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a dedicated team.

The Ensemble team is a unique blend of servant leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to making our members and guests feel welcomed and comfortable. The Conductors and on-site Community Manager are highly engaged with the community and attentive to the space.

Meet The Team

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Tamara Payne

Founder | CEO

Tamara Payne has been an entrepreneur in one way or another most of her life.  She is a community builder, master connector, advocate for women in business and a leader in the small business community.  Not only is she the CEO of Ensemble but she also manages a thriving business coaching and strategic consulting practice. 


Interesting Facts

  • Has bursts of genius marketing messages when bending over or lying down

  • Interviewed Bruce Willis in 1994 for the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas

  • Loves to make up words - ask her about grollaboration

  • Born and raised in New Jersey

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Clint Grimes

Community Manager

Clint has been creating and developing community within organizations for nearly a decade. His work began in the church and now focuses on building collaborative relationships in the entrepreneurial and small business ecosystems of Fort Worth. Inside Ensemble, Clint leads the charge in shaping a culture of fun, support, and connection!!


Interesting Facts

  • Has lived in 3 different countries

  • Does not know how to whistle

  • Married his wife almost 20 years to the month after they first met

  • Is a Certified Personal Trainer with
    Camp Gladiator

The Conductors

Our Conductors work in our Coworkshare Program (link to program page). They serve the community one day a week and are entrepreneurs themselves. The Conductors are the first smiling face you will see when you arrive and are there to ensure a beyond satisfying experience.


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Lin Patton

Thyme for Kids

A Garden to Table
Culinary Arts Program


Mary Merino.png

Mary Merino

The Spanglish Casita

Vision Board Strategist


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Kris Savage

Everything Wordy!

Proofreading, Transcribing and Editing


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Charlee Hagan

Tomorrow Today Resources

Youth Full Living

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Do you want to be part of a community and have space to connect and collaborate? We’re always looking for entrepreneurs and small business owners who can give one day a week to serve as Conductor in exchange for a full-time membership and lots of other benefits.