What is it and why do I need it?

Coworking is a movement that is changing the way freelancers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs work. The industry can generally be defined as workspaces designed for individuals and small groups to collectively work, conduct business and collaborate in a shared community environment. New spaces are being established in cities all over the world.

Coworking spaces often evolve organically and change based on the needs of the community using the space. Coworking spaces may differ in culture, amenities, design, and in-house guidelines, but ultimately they share the same core values:

collaboration, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability.

  • Work in your pajamas.

  • No need to brush your hair.

  • Take a nap in the afternoon.

  • Work whenever you want.

  • Convenient.

  • No commute.

Working from home has its benefits.

But working from home also comes with this...
  • Multiple distractions

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Lack of motivation

  • Laundry and dishes

  • Lack of respect from family

  • Time wasted

  • No collaboration

  • Lack of productivity

Are you ready to be more productive, feel connected to a community and have coworkers without the corporate crap? Then you should try coworking. Find the nearest coworking spaces near you by going to one of the coworking ​maps and resource tools below. Most spaces will give you a tour and a free trial day so you can test out the space. Make sure you find a space that fits your specific needs. 


Here's a great article from Entrepreneur Magazine to help you find the best space for you: What's Your Coworking Style? Find the Space That Matches Your Style.