1617 Park Place Avenue, Suite 110

Fort Worth, Texas 76110

817.984.3633  |  connect@ensemblecoworking.com

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Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday by Request

24/7 for Full-Time Members

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You + Coworking + Collaboration = Growth


Our Conductors are the backbone of the community. They are the first smiling face your guests will see when they come to meet you. They guide members on how to maximize their membership by providing introductions, assisting with events, conference room bookings or special requests, printer setup and troubleshooting, mail disbursement, tours,  space cleanliness, and of course, keeping a steady flow of fresh coffee. 


Conductors serve their fellow community members on their specific workday and enjoy the benefits of being a Rhythm Full-Time Open Coworking Member on the other days. Conductors are on a CoWorkShare Program. Find out more about being a Conductor. CoWorkShare Program


Tamara Payne, Chief Connector

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I am a Connector, Community Builder and Marketing Specialist. I connect people with the people they need to know and the resources they need to grow their businesses. I work consistently to keep our community thriving through networking events, leads groups, guest speakers, classes, workshops and other educational opportunities.

Dawn Shannon, Chief Activator

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I am an Activator, Integrator and Executer. I develop and execute programs that help our members reach their full potential. I also oversee the day-to-day operations at Ensemble. A few of our programs include: Up-Level Mentoring, Accountability Coaching, AMP Sessions along with  Strategic Growth and Stability Training.