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"The folks at Ensemble are incredibly kind and genuinely care about our business and staff. We are now members and rent space for weekly meetings and the management still donates space to us for trainings on monthly basis! We are grateful to the Ensemble staff!"

Christina L. Judge

Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation

"Joining the Ensemble community has been instrumental in helping me grow my business by connecting me with mentors, prospective clients, and other small business owners in the Fort Worth area. It's a great feeling to walk through the doors and immediately feel a sense of welcome and focus from everyone you meet - it brings a sense of connection and togetherness, something that is often missing when you're starting something new."

Becky Escher
Becky Escher Designs

"Excellent space to work when I was in town on business. Super friendly people and positive atmosphere made it a perfect place to focus and knock out my work!"

Lauren Godfrey

The openness of the space creates ongoing chances for collaboration and building new relationships. I’ve worked with several people at Ensemble as well as learned from many of them also.


I have a 2 year old son and working at Ensemble gives me time away from chaos to focus exclusively on my work.

Mike Langenberg

"I love Ensemble!!! The place is amazing, the people are amazing, and the atmosphere is amazing! The staff is always welcoming and go above and beyond to make everyone comfortable and ensure we have a great working environment. The members feel like family! I owe my success as an entrepreneur to the connections I made at Ensemble and am grateful to be a member!"

Christine Sigman
Sigman Bookkeeping

"Love their event space and their community. The electric standing desks are awesome! The owner is fabulous and is super helpful."

Cameron Cushman

"There is no better place to cowork in Fort Worth than right here. The collaboration opportunities are unending, the connections I have made for my businesses have been outstanding, the environment is open with private spaces to accommodate meetings of all sizes and plenty of space for networking events, private events and training events. On top of that, the zen room is a gift and the kitchen is fully equipped and beyond. I love getting away from my home office and having an actual office to go to where other like minded go getters are getting it done. Thank you!!"

Tiffany Carlen

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