Coworkshare Program

The Coworkshare Program was created to provide workspace to emerging entrepreneurs while they are learning how to grow their business. Conductors receive business coaching along with an inclusive open coworking membership. They also benefit from accelerated relationships with fellow business owners that encourage them and assist with learning how to run a successful business. This program has been thriving since November 2016 and has graduated more than 20 business owners to a higher level.  

How It Works

Conductors work 1 day, the same day every week, for a
6-month time frame in exchange for:

  • Full-time Rhythm Open Coworking Membership 

    • 24/7 open coworking access

    • 6 hours of conference room

    • 100 black/white copies, 25 color copies

    • Mailbox with Google verification

    • Member-only Slack and Facebook Groups

    • Member-only events

    • Access to resources, connections & collaboration

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  • 1 hour of private coaching monthly with Tamara Payne, Founder | CEO of Ensemble and business coach and strategy consultant

  • Logo plaque on the Sponsor Partner wall across from our large event space, in main walkway

  • Business card placement prominently display under Sponsor Partner wall

  • Logo on Sponsor Partner section of web site

  • Social media mentions

  • Accelerated relationships with community

  • Extra support and resources  

Is This You?

We are seeking passionate people who desire to become an active member of the Ensemble community by serving as a Conductor in the Coworkshare Program. Our Conductors are the first point of contact for our guests and conduct the space during their day they serve. On a Conductor’s workday, they represent Ensemble, their fellow community members and their own business. We expect professionalism and courtesy to your fellow members and their guests.

We want our Conductors to succeed in their role. Do you possess these qualities?

  • Be a quick thinker

  • Self-assured 

  • Able to work independently

  • Problem solver

  • Good Communicator

  • Energetic

  • Personable

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship

  • Servant leader heart

  • Practical knowledge of business

  • Punctual and professional

  • General computer skills

Note: Every Conductor is responsible for paying the $150 annual community fee (can be split into 3 payments) that all members pay. Conductors may swap days or fill-in for one another but are responsible for the coordination of the change. We ask for a 30-day notice prior to the end of your 6 months if you are not renewing or if there is any reason you need to leave before then. Many Conductors renew for an additional 6 months. 

What You'll Be Doing

Conductors work closely with the Community Manager, helping create an inclusive culture focused on supporting members and helping them make the most of their membership.

  • Front-end hospitality

  • Connect with the members

  • Communicate with staff

  • Event assistance

  • Provide tours

  • Refill supplies

  • General cleaning

  • Conference room setup/breakdown

  • Keep coffee / tea hot and ready

  • Help members w/technology issues 

  • Answer phone and emails

  • Sort mail and notify members

If this is you or you want to find out more, click Apply Here. Someone will follow up in the next 24 - 48 hours.