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Thankful for Micro & Small Business and Entrepreneurs

At the core of any city or town, no matter the size, are small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. These businesses come in many forms, from the local gas stations to marketing companies, from the pizza shop to manufacturing. Micro businesses are critical to the economy and are often overlooked in economic development efforts. That's why they deserve a recognition even more so this time of year.

This month, we encourage you to say thanks to the micro businesses that make a huge difference in your life. Here are a few ways to show your thankfulness this month.

  1. Drop a handwritten note in the mail, and for an extra special touch, add a $25 gift card to a local coffee shop.

  2. Pop in with a goody basket filled with snack items like breakfast bars, muffins, or candy (especially chocolate).

  3. Throw a small appreciation party for 3-4 businesses at another local business. This can be simple with a few treats and refreshments. Promote it as a way of connecting with fellow local businesses.

  4. Write a review on their Facebook or Google page.

  5. Send a review to them via email.

  6. Drop off a carton of copy paper (always useful).

  7. Offer to volunteer for a day in an administrative role.

  8. Give them a shout out on social media with a photo of your last visit.

  9. Ask to meet the owner of the business. Make it personal. Tell them how great they are doing.

  10. Pick up the phone and call them directly and say thanks for all they do for you personally and the community.

You'd be surprised by the power of a small thank you and the acknowledgment of the hard work small business owners perform day in and day out. We'd love to hear your creative ideas on how you will show thanks this month to the businesses that serve you on a daily basis. Drop us an email with your story:


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