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Beat the Summer Productivity Blues

Summer is HERE! Bring on the productivity distractions. The sun, the warmth, the blue skies are all calling us to go outside and have fun in one way or another. Ditch work, lay by the pool, jump in the car and go to the lake or take a 3 or 4 day weekend. Whew!

We witness this firsthand at Ensemble. Members are digging in and working longer works days on just two or three days of the week, so they can work less and enjoy a longer weekend. In Fort Worth, Texas, this happens especially in June and July because triple digit temperatures and the excruciating heat arrive in August.

Despite wanting to play more, business continues and we need to work. How to we keep our productivity in check during the summer season? First, get perspective on your productive times. Ask yourself when you are most productive throughout the year?

There is a season for your business, whether you realize it or not. There is also a season where you are most productive as a business owner or employee. What if this season, time of the year, is your slower time of the year and meant to be less productive? On the other hand, are you less busy and less productive in November and December? Then summer is the time to kick it into gear so you can rest and relax at the end of the year. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take time off during your busy season. Take long weekends and schedule mini activities during the week that can keep you refreshed while you push through your most productive season. Remind yourself that this is just a season, a time in which you buckle down and do all that you need to do to get it done. The next season is just around the corner. We are all capable of pushing ourselves for a short period of time. Consider 12 weeks, 90 days, as a productivity push. It can be done. Short term goals to focus on and check off your list, makes the hard work worth it. Try reading The 12-Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, to learn how you can make the most of the next 12 weeks.

Second, realize there are times of the day when you focus better, accomplish tasks more easily, feel less tired and your brain and firing on all cylinders. Put your most difficult tasks during that time of day. You will need to track you productivity for a week to identify your most productive times of the year. It’s a little bit of work up front for long term gain at the end.

Take a look at your productivity for the year, year over year. Look back and see what you have actually accomplished, yesterday and beyond. We tend to focus only on what we did not get done. We want to strongly encourage you to recognize what you have finished and what you’ve crossed off your list.

Productivity waxes and wains for everyone. Recognize the seasons, give yourself grace during the less productive times and dig in during your hot seasons. Enjoy the summer distractions. They might be just what you need.

On Thursday, June 27th from 2 to 3pm, join Ensemble Founder, Tamara Payne, on her internet radio show, TREPconnect on JoCo Community Radio, where she continues the conversation about productivity and the challenges entrepreneurs experience with staying productive. This weeks special guest is Lauren Midgley, productivity and time management expert, author, coach and speaker. She will be talking about how to manage not only your day but also how to make each week as productive as possible.

TREPconnect is all about helping enTREPreneurs, small business owners and their teams build thriving and sustainable companies by connecting them to the resources they need. Each week they have candid conversations about practical lessons, executable tools and tactical applications with experts, seasoned enTREPreneurs and early stage business owners.


Ensemble is a collaborative business community and coworking space in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer busy entrepreneurs, small businesses and remote workers a warm and welcoming place to be productive, to connect and collaborate while being connected to a community.


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