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  • Tamara Payne

4th Quarter Finish Line

Churchill lead Britain through one of its darkest periods. With enemies threatening to advance across the English Channel, bombing London daily, the pressure to survive was paramount. But Churchill, like any entrepreneur worth their salt, understood that failure was part of the process. One learned from their mistakes, and the greatest lesson was that there was always another day to fight on.

Fall is officially here. The weather is getting cooler. All signs that we are entering the 4th quarter of business. This time of year can bring a different set of challenges to business owners and professionals. The looming holidays can be a welcome distraction from the craziness of the rest of the year but can also thwart potential success in the coming months.

As we round out the last quarter of 2020 - THANK GOD! - how will you approach it? From a failure or success mindset. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to be resilient and innovative. The finish line is around the corner and you will need to push yourself harder than before.

It’s important to keep your composure and power through the end of the year without losing momentum and maintaining productivity? When it gets tough and you feel like you don’t have any more energy, keep your eye on the finish line, not the tasks (or steps) that it will take to get there.

Keep your head up with your eyes focussed on where you are going. By the 4th quarter, you’ve got momentum. Take advantage of it. Seeds planted months ago are blossoming. New and old opportunities may arise. Be uber aware of things you didn’t plan to happen that could bring the most rewards.

It’s 12 simple weeks that will fly by in the blink of an eye. A strong 4th quarter is dependent upon extraordinary execution skills. The better you execute, the better you perform, and the stronger you finish. It’s that simple.

What happened yesterday or months ago, happened. It’s in the past. Be like Churchill and learn from your mistakes. There is always another day to fight on, keep going, and get to the finish line.


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