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Resources for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Ensemble is a small business and is considered a startup since we are under 5 years in business. We are experiencing the same fears and feelings of unknown territory as our members and many of you. This pandemic has affected all of us, from corporate to government to small and micro-businesses.

We want to provide a little bit of help in connecting you to resources that might help you during this time. There is no way that we can compile the most accurate list on our own so we are sharing lists from organizations that are larger and have more resources than us.

The businesses that have been hardest hit are the service and retails industries. You can help them now to survive by purchasing gift cards for use now or in the future. You can also still get food To Go at most of your local restaurants...and you can get alcohol with the food to go also. That’s a nice bonus.

Below are resources for Fort Worth, Tarrant County, City of Burleson (since we have a small sister location there), State of Texas as well as national.

This list will continually be updated so keep checking back.

Updated 3.23.2020

Fort Worth


State of Texas


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