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Tools to Bridge the Mindset Gap

One of the ways to start the new year off on the right foot is by addressing mindset issues that arose in this year. By implementing the right tools you will more easily bridge the gap between 2018 work and 2019 goals. First and foremost is to have the right attitude. You've heard the phrase, attitude is everything. A positive attitude will is the foundation for your hard work to fall in line easily. Expect the best to happen. But attitude isn't just about being positive. It's about being better prepared to handle the bumps and challenges that will inevitably happen. Choose a clear direction. Knowing where you are going is a starting point. Knowing where you want to end keeps you on track. Picking a direction doesn't mean that you are stuck on that path forever. Be open and prepared to pivot and change paths along the way but remember to keep the end in mind always. If the change in the path doesn't help you get to the end, then maybe it's not the right direction. Start a journal. Looking back provides insights and time to reflect on past decisions. Journaling on a regular basis can improve your mindset and increase mental clarity. Be selective in your ideas. Trying to do too many things is a recipe for mediocrity. Choose a few things and commit to doing those well. You can't be everything to all people and you don't want to. The entrepreneur bug can be contagious, but being selective in your pursuits will pay off in the end. Find love and passion in all that you do. Working in a business that you love will fuel your passion. Some days will still feel like work, but most days will be more enjoyable.


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