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The End is Near...

That's a little dramatic but we caught your attention. The end of 2018 is now only 5 weeks away. Forget Christmas, what are your doing to prepare for 2019?

Ugh! How many of you hate that question? No matter who you are or what you do for a living, this time of year forces all of us to get planning for the new year. It can sometimes be dreadful.

Before you plan for next year, stop and take a moment to look at what you have accomplished in 2018. Forget what you didn't get done and focus on what you did do, from the smallest items to a major achievement. Write them all down and take time to soak in what you've done.

Simply ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What am I most proud of in 2018?

  2. What one thing did I accomplish that brought the greatest results?

  3. What do I need to finish up to close out 2018 strong?

  4. How did I make a difference in the lives of my clients, colleagues, friends & family?

  5. How am I going to celebrate & pat myself on the back for 21018?

Now that you've taken time to think back on 2018, let's look forward. See more after the calendar of events.

Looking Forward…

Every minute you spend planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a thousand percent Return on Energy! ~ Brian Tracy

Planning is a necessary evil. A goal without a plan is just a wish. We’ve all heard that at one point or another. To look forward into 2019, you need to have a vision and then a plan to execute that vision. The key thing is to just do it. It will never be perfect, never be exactly right, so just do it. Be prepared to alter, adjust or pivot your plan along the way. Your goals may shift and the vision might change a little so you will have to adjust your plan. Hold tight during those times. It will feel uneasy but you will get through it.

When you begin to look forward ask yourself these questions:

  1. What one thing do I need to do to launch 2019 powerfully?

  2. What do I need to learn or improve in a particular area of my professional life or business?

  3. What is most important to accomplish in the first quarter?

  4. When are the leanest times of the year for your business and then what can you do differently to make up for the lean times? (add a line of service or product, reduce costs, etc.)

  5. What adjustments do I need to make in my customer experience to create loyal, raving fans?

  6. Who will help me be accountable to my planning? (It’s easy to let ourselves fall short)

  7. Who are the people who support me and are champions for my business?

  8. At the end of this year, what do I want to have achieved? (no more than 5 big things)

  9. How will I get this all done? What help do I need? (hire someone, contractor)

  10. How will I celebrate my successes at the end of 2019?

Yes, take time to plan your celebration at the end of 2019. Visualize the party, what you will reward yourself with when you fly through 2019 and hit all your marks, make a big splash, and make a difference in the world.

Keep looking up…’cuz that’s where it all is! ~ Kidd Kraddick

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